French toast

Some of the things that remind me of my father..

– when I’m washing my windshield (He taught me at a very young age how to do it and that was my job when he was getting gas at the gas station)

– nature photography

– Billy Joel

– The show MASH

– lighthouses

– coffee

– French toast

I think French toast is one of the only breakfast items (or anything for that matter) my father knew how to make but oh man did he make it well. He had a “secret” recipe. To this day I still love making it. It reminds me of making it with my father when I was younger. I always imagine him teaching my daughter. I️ imagine him showing up at all of her extra curricular activities taking a billion pictures. He would have been an amazing grandfather. Every year now I’m going to make French toast with my daughter during the holidays yes be honest, I’ll make it all year round) and tell her all about her grandpa. I miss you Dad.

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