No Dry Cleaning

Interviewing for a position at a fairly large company, I was wearing a nice black suite with my favorite red print, power-tie.  I was looking good.  I had my portfolio with three copies of my resume, just in case.  I had practiced my answers to various questions and was ready to make things happen.

I showed up, the receptionist informed me it would be a few minutes before the interviewers would be ready to meet.  No problem, I’ll sit here.

In a few minutes she gave me a badge to wear and escorted me down a hallway with beautiful woodwork and polished wood floors.  I was led into a nice boardroom with a big nice wooden table. Very impressive.

These two guys walk in, one was the VP over software applications, the other one was a director of some sort.  We sat down at the table and they welcomed me to the interview. Let’s get started.

The interview went well.  At the end, I did have one question regarding the dress code; what is the dress code here?  “There’s not one,” one of the men replied.  I asked this question because the VP was wearing beach-ware (heading to the lake after the interview) the director was wearing a Harley tee-shirt and jeans.  Wow, was I over dressed.  One of them said, “they had dressed up because I was coming in and he laughed.” Okay then. What did I expect; after all, it’s a software company.  No more dry cleaning for me.

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