The Scream

The painting, by Edvard Munch, is cliché now.

This; however could be a picture of me in a manic state. I am in full-on mania, with psychotic overtones, or is it undertones now?

Anyway, I went to work yesterday for a couple of hours, and then came back home. I’d had only two hours sleep the night before. I typically get around four hours of sleep a night. Except last night I slept 8:00 pm until 6:00 this morning. That was awesome!

What do you think about the painting, how does resonate with you?

3 thoughts on “The Scream

  1. I am sorry you are in the Manic right now, and I hope it will not just drain and cause you pain, but leave something beautiful behind you are creating. Like this call for thought. I would say I see myself in the most frightful moments of my life. Hell, is a good word in my eyes for that painting.


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