In the early hours of the morning, my wife and I were asleep.  Our baby, my daughter began to cry.  She was wet and hungry.  I usually got up with her, changed her, and took  her to my wife who would then feed her.  Then I’d take her out to the living room and rock […]

Hope for You

On any given day, I’m walking around with several hundred milligrams of legit meds in me.  Most of which are really bad.  The bottles have neat boldly colored little stickers on them that encourage me to do or not to do certain things while under the influence of them.  And, even though I must take […]

Pure Gold

Photo taken by contributor Don, a man in his fifties from the Western North Carolina Mountains. Throughout his teens and twenties spikes of grandeur, depression, and anxiety were the norm, although back then no one used those terms, at least not in his small town. He struggled throughout his twenties. Don continued to be plagued […]

The Word and a Glance

The pastor was talking about marriage in his sermon.  He glanced to his wife sitting in the front row, stage-right, if I remember correctly.  I could see her face from where I was sitting.  He made mention of God giving him such a beautiful wife.  I looked over.  She was stunning.  One of the most […]


when I look at my wordpress statistics page, it’s not the numbers that I care about so much, as the flags of viewers from all over the world, at first, i think and i am humbled.  then i think  to myself have i written anything of value, anything worth sharing with the world? and, then […]

commercial break

And now for a commercial break: You can see your favorite photos without having to read through my boring blog posts. I am on Flickr and Instagram. When you get a moment please them out. It you follow me I always follow back. If I’m not following you back let me know, sometimes I forget […]